Embroidered Hoshen Wool Tallit Set


This impressive tallit is made of 100% wool and adorned with beautiful embroidery.
On the atarah (neckband) and the four corners is the Hoshen design. The Hoshen is made up of twelve embroidered stones that decorated the High Priest’s breastplate in biblical times and symbolized the Twelve Tribes of Israel.
Each stone is embroidered in a different color and each color is surrounded by a gold or silver border to match the stripe colors on the sides of the tallit.
Matching bag is included.
Please choose the size (small size offers last pieces available without a color choice) and stripe color.

    Small: Approx. 18″ X 72″ | Medium: Approx. 24″ X 72″ | X-Large: Approx. 60″ X 72″

   As each item is handmade, some changes in size and color are to be expected

  100% handmade by our elderly artisans

   All profits go directly to supporting our seniors


Medium, Small, X-Large

Stripe Color

Black and Silver, Last available- no color choice, White and Gold, White and Silver

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