Sewing Kit



A handmade felt self-closing sewing kit designed to include everything you need at home or on the go!

The kit includes: spools of several colors of thread, a few buttons, pins, a needle, a threader, a measuring tape, a small scissors and safety pins.

Embroidered on the outside of the kit is a scissors, threaded needle and a safety pin.

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   Closed kit approx. 5.2″ X 3.6″ | Open kit approx. 10.8″ X 5.2″

   As each item is handmade, unique, handsewn.

  100% handmade by our elderly artisans

   All profits go directly to supporting our seniors


Off-White, Shades of Blue/Light Blue, Shades of Pink, Shades of Purple, Shades of Turquoise, Shades of Yellow


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