Children’s Seder Plate


Children’s Pesach Seder Plate.
The set includes a Seder plate, 3 fabric Matzahs that fit in a pocket in the center of the plate and 6 magnetic pieces that attach to the Seder Plate:
• Maror- lettuce leaves (can be separated to prepare korech “matzah sandwich”
• Haroset – Symbolizing mortar
• Z’roah – Chicken leg
• Hazeret – Horseradish
• Karpas – Celery
• Beitza – Egg (two egg halves that can magnetically connect to form a whole egg)

Use back pocket to store the items.

Perfect as an activity on the Seder night. An educational gift for children or for classrooms.

  Seder plate approx. 13.6″ | Pieces approx. 3.2″ X 6.4″

   As each item is handmade, some changes in size and color are to be expected

  100% handmade by our elderly artisans

   All profits go directly to supporting our seniors


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