Crocheted Baby Sweater


This sweet baby sweater makes the perfect gift! Each one is knit or crocheted by hand and is suitable for babies about 9 to 18 months old.

Please note: as each of these sweaters is knit or crocheted by different people in our workshop, they are all completely unique. Some come with matching hats or hoods and some don’t. Other noticeable differences are knitting style and the amount of buttons on each sweater. These differences make each piece beautifully unique.

   Approximate size: 12″ wide | 12.5″ long | 12″ sleeves

   As each item is handmade, some changes in size and color are to be expected

  100% handmade by our elderly artisans

   All profits go directly to supporting our seniors


Colorful, Light Blue, Pink and Colorful, Pink and White, Shades of Green, Shades of Pink, Shades of Yellow, White, Yellow/White and Peach


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