Wishing Stones


Our Paper Mache Workshop is well known for their wishing stones!

The decorative wishing stones are hand-painted and come in all different color combinations. They can be used for meditating, decorating a table, in the garden or just good vibes.

Hebrew words are printed on the stone and offered in two sizes:

Serenity – שלווה – Shalva

Peace – שלום – Shalom

Love – אהבה – Ahava

Health – בריאות– Briut

Luck – מזל – Mazal

Joy – אושר – Osher

Hope – תקווה – Tikva

Faith – אמונה – Emuna

Blessing – ברכה – Bracha

Abundance – שפע – Shefa

Happiness – שמחה – Simcha

Choose several stones for a meaningful addition to your home!

   Stone size- Small approx. 2″ X 3.2″ | Large approx. 2.8″ X 4.5″

   Colors vary

  100% handmade by our elderly artisans



Abundance – Shefa, Blessing – Brachah, Faith – Emunah, Happiness- Simcha, Health – Briut, Hope – Tikvah, Joy – Osher, Love – Ahava, Luck – Mazal, Peace – Shalom, Serenity – Shalvah


Large, Small


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